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Blanchard's is a full service liquor store with free parking.

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Our beer department boasts one of the finest collections of Imported and Domestic beers in and around Boston. We also offer a variety of Micro-Brews, Ciders, and Meads. We are especially proud of our diverse and ever-rotating selection of Belgian and other specialty beers in larger bottles. We offer our customers knowledgeable service, low prices, and the finest selection.
Our 2,000 square foot beer cooler allows us to always have an ample supply of cold kegs and cases, and our high turnover and careful product rotation assures that we have the freshest beer in town at the lowest prices!

Craft & Vintage Beers are our specialty.
Over 1,000 types to choose from!
The largest selection of kegs in New England!


(we do not reserve kegs)

Beer/Cider/Mead Tasting Schedule

Friday, April 25th from 5-7pm – Schofferhofer

Friday, May 2nd from 5-7pm – Sixpoint

Friday, May 16th from 5-7pm – Smuttynose


30 Pack (12 oz cans)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Bud Light19.99
Busch Light16.49
Coors Light20.99
Keystone Light14.99
Miller High Life16.99
Miller Lite20.99
Natural Ice14.99
Natural Light14.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon16.49
Rolling Rock15.99

Loose Case (24 packs of 12 oz bottles)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Amstel Light22.99
Bud Light16.99
Budweiser 16.99
Coors Light17.99
Corona Light23.99
Harpoon IPA24.99
Heineken Light22.99
Modelo Especial23.99
Sam Adams26.99
Stella Artois23.99
Yuengling Light17.99

18 Pack (12 oz bottles)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Bud Light14.99
Busch Light10.49
Keystone Light10.99
Miller High Life9.99
Modelo Especial16.99
Natural Ice10.99
Natural Light10.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon11.49
Rolling Rock9.99

12 Pack (12 oz bottles)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Blue Moon12.99
Coors Banquet11.99
Coors Light11.99
Corona Light12.99
Dos Equis 12.99
Harpoon IPA13.99
Heineken Light13.99
Long Trail12.99
Magic Hat12.99
Miller Lite11.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon9.99
Radeberger Pilsner13.99
Red Hook13.99
Sam Adams13.99
Shock Top11.99
Sierra Nevada12.99

Specialty Beer Domestic (a partial list)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Allagash Tripel992510.75
Boulevard Tank 7992510.50
Slumbrew Porter Square Porter228.75
Cambridge Audacity IPA229.25
Pretty Things Jack D'or96226.95
Berkshire Lost Sailor IPA225.35
Goose Island Matilda962610.25
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout1002210.75
Stone IPA100226.25
Southern Tier Unearthly IPA99228.75
Rogue Dead Guy Ale93228.95
Victory Golden Monkey97259.95
Three Heads The Kind IPA90225.95

Item NameScoreSizePrice
Angry Orchard6pk8.99
Fatty Bompkins228.35
Zombie Killer99169.95
Chaucers Mead75013.99
Viking Blod9475031.95

Specialty Beer Imported (a partial list)
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde99259.50
Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout99184.50
Wells Banana Bread165.75
Innis & Gunn Original257.95
Schneider Weisse95165.95
Julius Echter98163.75
Schlenkerla Rauchbier97165.95
Chimay Premier992512.25
Duvel Regular992512.95
Gulden Draak992515.50
Duchesse De Bourgogne972513.95
Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet992512.95
St Bernardus Abt 121002513.50
Delirium Tremens962513.95
Monks Cafe922512.95
Rodenbach 942510.50
Lindemans Lambic2510.95
Hitachino White912412.95

1/2 Kegs Domestic
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Allagash White209.99
Blue Moon Belgian White184.99
Bud Light59.99
Budweiser Select59.99
Busch Light54.99
Coors Light64.99
Harpoon IPA / Seasonal169.99
Harpoon UFO / White169.99
Long Trail Ale172.99
Magic Hat #9184.99
Michelob Amber Bock61.99
Michelob Ultra61.99
Miller High life63.99
Miller Lite64.99
Natural Light51.99
Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale184.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon67.99
Red Hook IPA119.99
Rolling Rock56.99
Sam Adams Lager184.99
Sam Adams Seasonal184.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale184.99
Yuengling / Yuengling Light84.99

1/2 Kegs Imported
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Amstel Light149.99
Corona Light139.99
*Sapporo - SALE!79.99
Stella Artois179.99

1/4 Kegs Domestic
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Bud Light56.99
Lagunitas IPA109.99
Sam Adams Lager106.99
Sam Adams Seasonal106.99
Yuengling / Yuengling Light66.99

1/6 Kegs / Logs Domestic
Item NameScoreSizePrice
Allagash White97.99
BBC Coffee House Porter72.99
BBC Lost Sailor IPA72.99
BBC Steel Raile Pale Ale72.99
Blue Moon Belgian White83.99
Brooklyn Brown83.99
Brooklyn Lager83.99
Bud Light Lime 49.99
Cisco Whales Tale / Grey Lady84.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA112.99
Downeast Cider89.99
Goose Island 312 / Honkers / IPA83.99
Harpoon IPA / Seasonal83.99
Harpoon UFO / White83.99
Jacks Abby Hoponius Union99.99
Kona Big Wave Ale83.99
Long Trail IPA83.99
Magic Hat #984.99
Opa Opa IPA72.99
Opa Opa Red Rock72.99
Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale83.99
Sam Adams Seasonal83.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale83.99
Shock Top Belgian / Seasonal52.99
Smuttynose IPA81.99
Southern Tier 2X IPA89.99

1/6 Kegs / Logs Imported
Item NameScoreSizePrice

All prices seen on the Blanchards website are subject to change without notice.

Alcohol Transportation Limits

Under most circumstances, multiple kegs are not permitted to be transported in a vehicle unless the volume complies with state law and is approved by a store manager. Blanchard’s is not responsible for damage to vehicles during loading and transport.

Keg Volume Conversions

1/2 Kegs are 13.2 gal (imports) 15.5 gal (domestic) 165 cans / 6 cases 21 cans
1/4 Kegs are 7.75 gallons 82 cans / 3 cases 10 cans
1/6 Kegs are 5.1 gallons 58 cans / 2 cases 10 cans

Keg Reservations

Blanchard’s does not reserve kegs.

Even during the biggest party weekends of the year, we do not run out of kegs. Ever. The only times Blanchard’s will accept a reservation are: 1) Guinness kegs for St. Patrick’s Day, OR 2) If you would like to place a special order for a keg that we do not normally keep in stock (we have Bud Light in stock 99.9% of the time).


All persons in the vehicle transporting the keg must be 21 years of age or older with valid identification.
When returning the keg, please make sure the tap has been removed before transportation, as this is considered an open container.
Blanchard’s is not responsible for stolen kegs. It is recommended that kegs are not left outside overnight.
Kegs and taps must be returned at the same time to receive the full deposit amount.
Kegs must be returned empty.
Tampering with the exterior of a keg or the dyeing of beer is strictly prohibited and will result in the total loss of any deposit.


All Kegs $40 Deposit
(S) Domestic Sankey Tap $5 Registration Fee + $40 Deposit
(H) Euro-Sankey Tap $6 Registration Fee + $50 Deposit
(G) Guinness & (B) Bass Tap $6 Registration Fee + $150 Deposit

Gas rentals

2.5 lb. $20 Gas + $75 Deposit
10 lb. $30 Gas + $75 Deposit
Nitro Mix $35 Gas + $75 Deposit
5 lb. $28 Gas + $75 Deposit
20 lb. $35 Gas + $100 Deposit
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