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Blanchards is a full service liquor store with free parking.

Keg Information

Alcohol Transportation Limits

Under most circumstances, multiple kegs are not permitted to be transported in a vehicle unless the volume complies with state law and is approved by a store manager. Blanchards is not responsible for damage to vehicles during loading and transport.

Keg Volume Conversions

1/2 USA = 15.5g = 165 cans = 6 cases, 21 cans
1/2 Impt. = 13.2g = 140 cans = 5 cases, 20 cans
1/4 = 7.75g = 82 cans = 3 cases, 10 cans
1/6 = 5.1g = 58 cans = 2 cases, 10 cans

Keg Reservations

Blanchards does not reserve kegs on regularly stocked items. Exceptions are as follows:

  1. Keg reservations will be accepted for Guinness kegs for St. Patrick’s Day.
  2. Keg reservations will be accepted for items not regularly stocked and usually takes 2 to 3 days to come in.


  1. All persons in the vehicle transporting the keg must be 21 years of age or older with valid identification; this includes taxi’s/Uber and ride-sharing services.
  2. When returning the keg, please make sure the tap has been removed before transportation, as this is considered an open container.
  3. Blanchards is not responsible for stolen kegs. It is recommended that kegs are not left outside overnight.
  4. Kegs and taps must be returned at the same time to receive the full deposit amount.
  5. Kegs must be returned empty.
  6. Tampering with the exterior of a keg or the dyeing of beer is strictly prohibited and will result in the total loss of any deposit.
  7. Customers returning 3 or more stray kegs (kegs without a registration sticker) will have their ID photocopied.

Keg & Tap Deposits

All Kegs               $40 Dep.
Domestic Tap $8 Fee + $50 Dep.
Euro Tap $8 Fee + $60 Dep.
Guinness/Bass Tap $15 Fee + $200 Dep.

Gas Rentals

2.5 lb. $32 Gas + $100 Dep.
5 lb. $40 Gas + $75 Dep.
10 lb. $42 Gas + $120 Dep.
20 lb. $58 Gas + $150 Dep.
Nitro Mix $50 Gas + $75 Dep.

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